Spring time adventures Posted January 28, 2020


The weather is finally warming up and we are ready to get outside and enjoy it.
Here’s a great “to do” list if your planning on visiting us this spring.

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1.) AC Beer Festival- “This event is the perfect opportunity for beer lovers and beer beginners to speak to the brains behind the brews.” This years Beer Fest will feature over 600 craft beers by 150 brewers from around the world…and don’t forget that great music lineup! Friday, April 3rd, New Found Glory will be performing until midnight, and Saturday will feature bands Goldringer and Against Me.  Follow the link to find out more and purchase your tickets. Wake up each morning at the Pitney House to a fresh cooked breakfast with some extra water 😉 and then head to Beer Fest! About a 10 minute drive (or uber). Tickets are on sale here.


2.) Take a nature walk- Batsto Village is a historic village dating back to the 1700’s. Take a walk through the village and sight see antiques and buildings from the past like the Grist Mill, Post Office, Blacksmith and more. Walk along the lake to see the historic dam as well! Batsto Village is approxinately a fifteen minute drive from The Pitney House. If you’re more of a animal enthusiast we suggest checking out Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Refuge. Here you can take about a half an hour drive through the refuge to sight see different bird species, or take a beautiful walk outside on one of their many nature trails.


3.)Dine outside- Gilchrest, Oyster Creek, Back Bay Ale House, all have outside seating right on the water. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while enjoying a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are each located about 15 minutes from the Pitney House!

5.) Try out a shooting range! Range 129 is a new shooting range located in Absecon, NJ approximately seven minutes away from The Pitney House. Try out a multitude of their firearms or try out their archery range!  If you’re new to shooting Range 129 offers basic training or private lessons, or if it’s not your first rodeo try out their advanced courses.


Visit one of our local breweries!  Garden State Brewing Company is a short 10 minute drive down the road and is a perfect way to spend your day. If you’re staying at The Jonathan Pitney House on a Friday night, and AC Beer and Wine fest is jusst a little too busy for you, put your brain to the test and stop by the brewery for some Quizzo! Head in for a cold refreshment, or try their beer tasting any day of the week.

garden brew

5.) Gardner’s Basin- Located in the back of AC Gardner’s Basin is a shopping/eating area right on the water. Walk around on the boardwalk and visit some of their boutique shops, have a drink outside on the water at Gardner’s Basin, or grab a bite to eat! You can also visit the AC Aquarium located right in the heart of Gardner’s Basin. If your’e looking for a more relaxing day Gardner’s Basin is also a perfect spot to go Dolphin watching. Sit on the boardwalk or take a ride on the Gardner’s Basin boat.